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Make Your Way To The Makerspace!

in Spring 2018 by

Have you noticed that there is a lot of “making” going on at Park? There are several places throughout the school that are dedicated to just that – exploring and “making” – spaces that celebrate curiosity, creativity, discovery, and getting your hands dirty:  below the Theater • across campus at ASP • in the Library. Park faculty and staff support students and bring a focus to each of these makerspaces providing a variety of tools and materials for exploring and creating. Most importantly, these spaces are about the process of discovery.

Library Department Head Tory Lane is developing and leading the Library Makerspace vision and experience:

Welcome to the renovated Library Makerspace! Our goal was to create an inviting and flexible environment that encourages curiosity and creativity while providing the opportunity to experiment with a host of tools, both analog and digital. Our emphasis is on publishing, defined in the broadest possible sense. Whether you want to write and design a comic book or ‘zine, craft a video, song, or animation, or even just make a button, the Library Makerspace is a place to find and express your voice with support and guidance. Thinking creatively, sharing ideas, spreading stories, building community: it’s what the Library is all about!

Thank you to the Park Parents’ Association for partnering with the Library to help fund some of the elements of the new Makerspace.

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