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Done! – Facilities’ Summer To-Do List

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Jen Mullin, Director of Facilities, with the Day Team: L-R Jude Desjardin, Jose Andrade, Joel DeJesus, Miguel Morales, and Joe Casella

The facilities team are unspoken heroes at Park. Between the fourteen individuals on two shifts, the Facilities Team keeps the school humming along and looking beautiful season after season so students and teachers can do their work (and play) day after day. We would like to recognize the department’s hard work by highlighting the long list of tasks they oversaw this summer in addition to their daily work. Sometimes we only stop to fully comprehend what they do when something goes awry and we don’t want to ever take them or their work for granted!

The green shirted team is easily recognizable as they buzz by in a golf cart, direct traffic during rush hour or spruce up the landscaping around campus. Don’t be fooled by their low key presence; they always have something going on!

With the help of three additional seasonal hires this summer, our team had a lengthy punch list to complete. The jobs we never think about are exactly the tasks that this team manages.

Our lovely pool received a new water storage tank as well as a replaster job and tile replacement and the pool house floor was resurfaced.

The After-School Program (ASP) saw newly painted walls and 1,500 square feet of new flooring complete with wax.

Park landscaping, our crown jewel, saw the removal of five dead trees, the spreading of 100 yards of mulch across campus and 100 yards of wood chips across six playgrounds. The grass was cut three days/week and 60 plants were added in the parking lots and around the front door. The six fields were lined once a week to keep all the campers playing.  

After staining six wooden benches, a fresh coat of paint was applied to four stairwells, the main lobby, three hallways, the business office, eight bulletin boards, the wrestling room floors and the dining room walls. Not to mention the sanding and staining of the dining room tables and painting all the table legs!

Eight office furniture reconfigurations were completed along with a deep cleaning of all 209,000 square feet of building space, refinishment of the floors in both gyms, maintenance on generators, refrigeration equipment and two school buses and the oversight of the exterior window washing.

133 Goddard Ave was prepared for Scott Young and his family, camp set up and break down were completed and the Pre-K and K classrooms and conference room were prepared for demolition. The team also helped J Calnan & Associates with their construction needs and the removal and replacement of five roofs including the theater, the boys’ and girls’ locker rooms in the Main Gym, and the two equipment rooms in the West Gym, as well as assisting the landscape contractor Marzili with the Discovery Playground project needs.

The kids aren’t the only ones who get spruced up for back to school; the School itself goes under some major transformation each year, this year more than usual, and rest assured, the facilities people are the wizards behind the work!

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