Food Corner: Fall Tastes

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It’s funny how taste buds change seasonally. Peach cravings shift to pears and hankerings for ice cream cones evolve into apple crisp a la mode. Park’s Dining Room is making this same transition, just look at the abundance of apples in the fruit bowl and on the menu. In fact, October’s Monthly Tasting will feature local apples in both sweet and savory menu items. Think “roasted apples with turkey” or “house-made apple jam.”

Other Dining Room news includes a year-long food focus on sliders! Each month, a different variety of slider will be served. Start talking up the “Buffalo chicken and sweet potato” sliders that October will bring.

Flik’s “Healthy Foods Matter” initiative is focusing on healthy dips. Ask your kids about the “carrot hummus” and “pinto bean” dips that make their debut in October.

In other food-related news, Chef Anthony recently invited Grade I to the Dining Room to learn about composting at Park. First graders learned the how, what, and why of composting, an ongoing initiative at Park as more sustainability efforts are incorporated into the daily workings of the School.  

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