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Park Creates

in Winter 2019 by

Parents often see work made by our own children and their classmates, but without regularly touring all of Park’s hallways and classrooms, we are bound to miss so much else. This new showcase of student art, visual projects, and writing will feature the work of an entire Lower Division and Upper Division section in each issue. Complementing the annual curated Anthology, “Park Creates” will seek to share an ongoing sampling of the kind of vivid creativity that is happening all the time at Park. No particular rhyme or reason guides the projects we select, other than an effort to represent all grade levels and a variety of media over time.

Linoleum prints by Nancy Popper’s seventh graders.

Students worked from sketches of leaves and other natural objects to develop an organic pattern that they then carved into a linoleum printing plate. The black-and-white prints shown here are basic “first state” prints; students also produced color versions, as well as prints made with multiple overlapping impressions of their plate, and collaborative prints made by overlapping their own design with a classmate’s.

Drawings by Megan McLean Armour’s fourth graders.  

As they studied the biology of natural systems, students made colored-pencil drawings diagramming the plants and animals connected by various regional food chains.
(NOTE: Regrettably, three students were absent from class on the day of this project. We hope to feature other work by these students in the future!)

The parent volunteers on the Park Perspectives Editorial Board write articles on current events at the School and matters of interest to the Park community for this quarterly newsletter. We are always looking to grow our team of volunteer writers and photographers. If you are interested in learning more, please contact TheParkParent@parkschool.org