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The Park Parent is pleased to introduce “Check This Out!” a new forum for sharing great content around childhood and education with the entire Park community. Read a helpful article on parenting recently? Seen an intriguing documentary about an innovative school? Heard an insightful podcast about how children play and learn? Enjoying reading aloud a newly-discovered children’s book to your kid? Tell others about it here!

We’ll be accepting your recommendations on an ongoing basis. Please send us your suggestions, and we’ll compile them to include in future issues. Let us know the name of the item, and if applicable a link or other info to help others find and enjoy it. A descriptive sentence (even just a phrase!), along with a word or two about what you found especially compelling is welcome but not at all required.

Please email your items to Cornelius Howland, co-editor of The Park Parent, at:

We hope “Check This Out!” will become a go-to source for inspiring content. Happy sharing!


Netflix: “Abstract/The Art Of Design”
Season 2, Episode 4: Cas Holman (45 minutes)
A fascinating documentary profile of a designer who makes play systems that encourage open-ended, interactive creativity.

Wee The People
A Boston-based social justice initiative for children ages 4-12, organizing free, interactive workshops and events. Check their schedule for upcoming and ongoing programs.

Raising Race Conscious Children
A resource to support adults as they talk about race to young children. Online workshops and webinars, blog, podcast.

The New York Times: “Around the World In 5 Kids’ Games”
Terrific video feature and article exploring girls’ schoolyard hand clapping games in NYC, as they reflect differing cultural contexts and histories.

“Circle Round” (Podcast produced by WBUR)
Traditional folktales from around the world, engagingly narrated and dramatized. Great for the car or a rainy afternoon at home!

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