Park Creates – Fall/Winter 2020

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Parents often see work made by our own children and their classmates, but without regularly touring all of Park’s hallways and classrooms, we are bound to miss so much else.

This showcase of student art, visual projects, and writing complements the annual curated Park Anthology. “Park Creates” seeks to share an ongoing sampling of the kind of vivid creativity that is happening all the time at Park. No particular rhyme or reason guides the projects we select, other than an effort to represent all grade levels and a variety of media over time.

A note for this issue: We typically feature the work of an entire Lower Division and Upper Division section, but we’ve had to adapt to challenges posed by the pandemic. Thanks to Art Department Head Nancy Popper for photographing this great work by Upper Division students!

Grade 7: Papier-mâché Figures

This fall, students in Grade 7 worked entirely remotely over Zoom to create these figure sculptures. Beginning with gesture drawing exercises, they built proportional wire armatures in poses that conveyed motion. Wadded newspaper filled out body shapes and outer layers of papier-mâché added strength; finally, each student collaged clothing and features to create an identity for their character. Working remotely required an extra level of independence and mastery of materials – including papier-mâché paste mixing and clean-up.

Grade 8: Graphite Drawings on Paper

Students in Grade 8 spent the fall term exploring the use of light and shadow to create depth in a 2D image. After initial exercises in creating value scales and shaded forms, students chose a photographed portrait and re-created one half of the drawing.

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