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Black Lives Matter Every Day in Park’s Library

in Spring 2021 by

Each year, the Park Library dedicates significant energy toward building a collection for our community that celebrates diversity and highlights our anti-racist practice. 

In 2020-21, a major effort is our Black Lives Matter Every Day initiative. Since the first day of school, and for every day of the official school year, we are building our collection with 166 books that center Black authors and artists and their narrative subjects. We haven’t missed a day yet! 

We have created an interactive site that features many of the books that we added to the collection, with links to our online library catalog. We are encouraging every family to read at least one (hopefully more) of these books and share your reaction with the community. Please explore this resource and contact us if you would like to check out any of the titles for your family.

Park's outstanding library, which contains 30,000 volumes and countless digital materials, is truly the heart of the School. Four librarians provide a welcoming resource center and gathering place for the whole Park community.