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Spring cleaning?

You might want to look into these gift economy platforms – enabling unwanted items to go straight to an end-user rather than to a generic donation bin where they might not be needed, or worse, into a landfill. “Buy Nothing” groups also encourage people to reduce their environmental imprint by asking for items they need from the group instead of purchasing new. Why shouldn’t someone’s unwanted but perfectly good stepstool end up in your kitchen instead of rusting away in their garage while you buy a new one?

The Buy Nothing Project                                                                                 The Freecycle Project                            

Time for a change?

How to Break Up With Your Phone                                                                         Oh She Glows For Dinner

How to Break Up With Your Phone: The 30 Day Plan to Take Back Your Life by Catherine Price
This book includes quick tricks (like making scrolling through social media less appealing by placing your phone in black and white mode), but Price also dives into the neuroscience behind our interactions with technology. She guides the reader to redefine their relationship with their phone, allowing the device to function as a tool, not a distraction. Still, Price isn’t anti-smartphone, and her step-by-step guide is as non-judgmental as it is helpful.


Oh She Glows For Dinner by Angela Liddon
A perfect cookbook to check out of the library in preparation for Earth Day, coming up on April 22! These plant-based, earth-friendly meals are designed to be kid-friendly, but busy-parent-friendly too; an entire “make-ahead” section pairs together recipes that are easy to cook all at once, and explains how to prep, freeze, and reheat or finish cooking later.

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