Park Creates – Spring 2021

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Parents often see work made by our own children and their classmates, but without regularly touring all of Park’s hallways and classrooms, we are bound to miss so much else.

This showcase of student art, visual projects, and writing complements the annual curated Park Anthology. “Park Creates” seeks to share an ongoing sampling of the kind of vivid creativity that is happening all the time at Park. No particular rhyme or reason guides the projects we select, other than an effort to represent all grade levels and a variety of media over time.

Grade 4: Self-Portraits as Greek Gods, Goddesses, Heroes and Heroines

GGHH – a beloved project in fourth grade – helps students bring to life their study of ancient Greece. Each child researches and role-plays a Greek god or goddess for their classmates. This year, art teacher Sophie Steck added a complimentary art component – creating a self-portrait based on their character from Greek mythology. Students learned about the proportions of the human body and worked hard to sketch an accurate human form in a carefully chosen pose. They created a thoughtful background scene and setting based on all they had learned about their specific Greek character. Students could choose their materials based on an exploration they did earlier in the year. To bring the self-portraits to completion, fourth graders added photos of their faces to their drawings for a final mixed media collage.


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