A Little Love for Park

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 Park Perspectives has collected some tiny love stories (inspired by the Modern Love column in the NY Times) about Park to share with our community on Valentine’s Day. In Friday Notes, we asked community members to share in 100 words or less,  about a moment, a faculty or staff member, a Park experience, or an aspect of the community that warms their heart. Thank you to everyone who participated, and we hope their stories warm yours!

To: Kung-Yi Chang

Our son loves to come home and try to repeat the jokes you tell in your Math class, sometimes he can’t stop laughing to get out the punchlines – thanks for making learning so happy! – An Upper Division Parent

An Ode to Park

On weekends, we drove past you so many times, your serene lush fields beckoning quietly. A decade later, destiny brought us together as our daughter embarks on the middle school experience. As we start our first year together, we love you for the tight, luminescent community forged from your diverse families. We love you for your teachers, who mold our children into capable achievers and fuel their curiosity. We love you for always going above and beyond: with enthusiasm, wit and compassion, you have won our child’s heart—and for that, we will always be grateful. – Jana Minn

A love letter to Mr. T and Park ice hockey

We have two extremely inexperienced ice hockey players. Let’s just say our girls can barely skate. They expressed interest in joining Park’s hockey team two days after practice started. Mr. T caught wind of this, found them at lunch, instructed them to meet him at the supply closet, and got them suited up with extra equipment in no time. He made two newbies feel extremely welcome. (Parents may be less grateful given the 6:30 a.m. ice time!) – Tracy Richmond

To: David Perry

Is there anything better than a Social Studies teacher who plays the guitar and keeps school fun (in the midst of dreary winter rainy days?) – An Upper Division Parent

To: Every educator

As new parents to Park this year, have deeply appreciated the strong SEL and DEIB education. We talk excitedly about the true history of Indigenous People’s Day, listen to compositions by African American composer Florence Prince…all as new ways of seeing the world gathered from lessons garnered at Park.  It is obvious that my son is exposed to so much care at school and that that in turn is cultivating his empathy and inquiry skills and his appreciation for the art crafting spaces for belonging.  Thank you to every educator who models the possibility of connection and reflection each day. – Helen Wang

To: Lila Austin

Your patience, thoughtfulness, advocacy, and expertise have redefined what we thought was possible for our child at school, both academically and emotionally. You have done what we could not, and it matters more than one million words could express. – A Park Family

To: Jay Tebbens

You saw our son through a pretty rough day when he lost his cool, helped him recover his balance, and welcomed him back to the group – you are a kind and compassionate person, thank you! – An Upper Division Parent

To: Elena Pereira

Books! So many books! Thank you for always knowing what to recommend next to keep our kids reading, reading, reading. Before we joined Park our kids would get “stuck” a lot in one or two series of books because it was easy just to keep reading what they knew. Now they read so many different things, and no offense to Geronimo Stilton, but it’s been an absolute joy to see their worlds expand. When we ask what they’re reading these days, they often finish with “Ms. Pereira recommended it to me!” – An Upper Division Family

To: Kyra Fries

Thank you for bringing laughter, play, and creativity into our kids’ days and showing them what they can create when they work together and lift each other up. You make magic! – An Upper Division Parent

To: Park

Park, what struck me the very first time we visited you is that every teacher — in fact everyone that works at Park, from admin to the dining room team — is genuinely excited to be there. Your teachers’ eyes sparkle when they talk about their students and what they’re currently doing in the classroom. It’s an unabashed passion for learning that passes down to your students. Your staff and faculty are magical, Park! I’m grateful every day for their hard work and commitment.  — A Park Parent

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