Park Picks: Discovering the Best Books of the Year at the Library 

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If you’re an avid reader or simply looking for some captivating books to dive into, look no further than Park Picks: a resourceful initiative brought to you by Park Librarians! This collection is designed to inspire faculty, staff, and parents alike to explore the newest and most noteworthy books of the past year.

Park Picks originated from the belief that being a well-rounded educator goes beyond mastering a single subject. Adopting a quote from the School Library Journal: “Very good, very readable, and at times very important fiction and nonfiction for the adult reader.” For over 15 years, the library staff has curated a compilation of the year’s best books, originally under the name “The Informed Teacher.” By selecting between 30 and 40 outstanding books, the library aims to provide a diverse range of reading options from this year’s best books.

This year, for the first time, the library has also crowdsourced recommendations from faculty and staff, encouraging them to share their personal favorites in this year’s Park Picks. This inclusive approach brings in multiple voices from Park’s readers. 

To curate this year’s list, the library team has been exploring every avenue of recommendations from “best books” lists to Good Reads, to BIPOC voices members of the library team follow on social media. The notion of “best” books can be intimidating, as it is, inevitably, subjective and often influenced by mainstream trends. The team strives to include books that draw from personal inspiration, creating a list that is meaningful and enticing.

Park Picks celebrates the sendoff to summer, encouraging everyone to embrace reading during the break. The library team has responded to popular demand for more “beach reads” and is offering a sprinkling of more light-hearted options this year. Excited to be back in person for the first time since the pandemic, they looked forward to unveiling this year’s list of exceptional books at a year-end faculty/staff meeting, live and with guest presenters.  

Park Picks is more than just a compilation of books; it celebrates literature, diverse voices, and the joy of reading. The dedicated efforts of the library staff ensure that faculty and staff have the opportunity to explore captivating stories, gain new perspectives, and embark on exciting literary adventures. So, dive into Park Picks and discover the wonders that await you between the pages of these carefully selected books. Happy reading!

To access Park Picks and the Summer Reading Recommendations for students as well as instructions for accessing Park’s digital library, Sora, visit the library page on Veracross