Fall Athletics Season Wrap-Up

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At Park, the Athletics Program is not just about sports; it’s a transformative experience for kids seeking opportunities to learn and grow as leaders in the community. With a focus on inclusivity, the program provides a platform for beginners to develop their skills, guided by experienced coaches and, when appropriate, teammates who understand the importance of mentorship.

This year, the coaching roster welcomed new faces from the dedicated Park faculty, bringing a wealth of knowledge and a passion for connecting with students beyond the classroom. These faculty coaches offer a fresh perspective, having the chance to interact with kids they may not teach daily and build connections beyond academic settings. 

I am pleased to share a brief overview of the Fall athletics program at Park this year!

Throughout the fall season, the Park School athletics team gained experience with teamwork, competition, and persistence as they engaged in competition. 

The boys’ Soccer program, consisting of both JV and Varsity teams, demonstrated notable growth and determination. The boys’ JV team, composed of 14 newcomers and three returning players, worked diligently to develop their skills, culminating in a thrilling final home game against Chestnut Hill School that showcased their persistence and teamwork. The Boys Varsity team, guided by seven experienced Grade 8 students, approached every challenge with enthusiasm and readiness. Whether facing a close game or a score deficit, the Varsity team exhibited unwavering determination throughout the season.

Similarly, the girls’ Soccer program, featuring both Varsity and Junior Varsity teams, seamlessly integrated two Grade 5 students into the existing JV roster. With a mix of new and returning players, the JV team had an impressive season marked by numerous victories. The Varsity team, boasting a solid blend of newcomers and seasoned players, credited its success this season to the effective leadership of captains and veteran players.

The Varsity Field Hockey team, with 11 players, precisely the number needed to field a team, epitomized teamwork and persistence by embracing diverse roles for the collective benefit of the team. Their joyous approach to every game translated into a strong season, regardless of the opponent or score.

The Varsity Cross Country team, comprising five new Grade 5 students  and returning members, consistently improved with each meet. Win or lose, the team demonstrated unwavering support for their teammates, participating in major races at the Larz Anderson Invitational and Roxbury Latin Jamboree.

In Volleyball, both Varsity and Junior Varsity teams showcased promising talent. The JV team, featuring first-time players, displayed significant progress in skill development throughout the season. The Varsity team, anchored by returning players and led by proactive 8th graders, fostered a strong bond and togetherness that contributed to their success. The Grade 8 captains assisted to lead drills and provided teammates with helpful advice. 

The Flag Football program also welcomed numerous newcomers. The JV team, composed of first-time players, steadily improved their cohesiveness with each game and practice. The Varsity team, incorporating several new members, navigated the initial challenges of team development to conclude the season with a satisfying victory, including adding Grade 6 students from the JV team.

 A heartfelt thank you goes to our dedicated coaches, who played a pivotal role in guiding our athletic teams throughout the fall season.