Congratulations to the Class of 2024! 

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As we launch this impressive class towards high school, their teachers are extremely optimistic about their continued success. These students are collectively and individually known for their values and spirit. This is a class that has embraced leadership at Park and risen to our high expectations from the first days of September through graduation day. They are scholars, activists, athletes, and artists; but most all, they are a joyful group of students who consistently displayed palpable appreciation for one another and for The Park School. They are well-positioned for success in high schools that similarly value academic excellence; community; diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Not surprisingly, they were sought after candidates by many local day and boarding schools. As Nastaran Hakimi, Assistant Head of School for Enrollment Management and Institutional Advancement at Boston University Academy, best said, “The Park students that we have had the pleasure of enrolling at BUA have embodied the two qualities that are most important to the mission of our program: curiosity and kindness.” 

Their high school choices are listed below. Congratulations to the Class of 2024!

Next Schools

Maya Afergan: Noble and Greenough School

James Benenson: Proctor Academy

Raphael Bockman: The Commonwealth School

Edward Boyden: Boston University Academy

Jackson Brownstein: Noble and Greenough School

Merrin Castles: Concord Academy

Serenna Chokshi: Noble and Greenough School

Shirley Chude-Sokei: Boston University Academy

Xavier Clemente: Noble and Greenough School

Adeline Coleman: St. Mark’s School

Giselle DaSilva: Canton High School

Angus Dent: The Groton School

Wyatt Dinwoodey: Noble and Greenough School

Eleanor Dumphy-Manfredi: Concord Academy

Lyra Dvorin: Milton Academy

Denis Eagle: Boston University Academy

Brandon Eddings: Boston College High School

Sloane Frieze: Concord Academy

David Glushkov: The Commonwealth School

Maura Glynn: Deerfield Academy

Benjamin Goldberg: Buckingham Browne & Nichols School

Oisin Guthrie: Catholic Memorial High School

Gabriela Guzman: Noble and Greenough School

Jonathan Harlev: Buckingham Browne & Nichols School

Ollie Jacobs: Noble and Greenough School

Austin Jeyes: Boston University Academy

Oscar Johannsen: Brookline High School

Sylvia Kim: Needham High School

Josephina Koulomzin: Milton Academy

Luca Kovacs: Buckingham Browne & Nichols School

Asher Lambert: Boston Arts Academy

Lukas Liebisch: The Rivers School

Sophie Lu: Phillips Academy Andover

Nicholas Masdea: Boston University Academy

Mikoto Matsuzaka: Dana Hall School

Chloe McFerran: Berkshire Academy

Peter McGrath-Sheldrick: Brookline High School

Aidan McWilliams: Boston University Academy

Nathan Minn: Buckingham Browne & Nichols School

Olivia Minn: Deerfield Academy

Olivia Miranda: The Rivers School

Margot Murphy-Hara: Milton Academy

Niamh O’Donoghue: Milton Academy

Max Pasciucco: Milton Academy

Arianna Perryman-Greene: Fenway Charter School

Ellen Robbins: Milton Academy

Dashel Rosenberg: Beaver Country Day School

Paloma Rothman: Brookline High School

Lila Sherman: Tabor Academy

Sophie Skokowski: Middlesex School

Anton Stark: Boston University Academy

Alice Van Gijsel Vermeersch: Buckingham Browne & Nichols School

Sarah-Alysse Williams: Phillips Academy Andover

Eliza Woods: Thayer Academy

Anders Yu: Milton Academy

Daniel Zoran: Concord Academy

Jasper Zucker: Savannah Country Day School