Park Parent

Editor: Kate LaPine, Director of Communications
Parent Editor: Cornelius Howland
Park Parent Editorial Board: Carol Batchelder, Jamie Byron, Nicole Chang, Shannon Falkson, Nerissa Fry, Eve Gerber, MaryHelen Gunn-Lawrence, Cheryl Rosenberg, Vernee Wilkinson
President, Parents’ Association: Heena K. Lee
Chair, Board of Trustees: Seth Brennan
Head of School: Scott Young
Design: PopKitchen Co.

The Park Parent newsletter highlights academic, extracurricular, social, and fundraising activities for the Park School community. Since December 1968, The Park Parent has been sharing school news with parents, faculty, alumni, and other friends. What began as a monthly printed newsletter published by the Parents’ Association is now a digital communication distributed four times a year to interested readers.