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Wow In The World
A fun, educational show exploring everything subjects in science and technology – everything from singing mice to space elevators. Hosted by Guy Raz (TED Radio Hour) and Mindy Thomas

Story Pirates
Exuberant dramatizations of stories submitted by kids, by the group that also does live onstage improv storytelling.

Brains On
Each episode is co-hosted by a kid and regular host Molly Bloom. Brains On answers such questions as “How Do Animals Breathe Underwater” and “Why Are Smartphones So Addictive?

Smash Boom Best
Produced by the Brains On team – Experts engage in judged debates on topics like “Pizza vs. Tacos” and “Super Speed vs. Super Strength.”

This Podcast Has Fleas
From WNYC Studios, a sadly short-lived (only one season) but wonderfully hilarious pet-umentary series featuring first-person (first-animal?) narration by Waffles the dog and her nemesis in pet-casting, Jones the cat.  Amazing cameo by Alec Baldwin as Mr. Glub the goldfish. 

Other Media

  • Keying off of Cornelius Howland’s article on STEM at Park, an intriguing short TEDx video by Mitch Resnick, Director of The Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab, and a developer of the Scratch programming environment. (Link to Tedx video)
  • In counterpoint, perhaps, a couple of articles from the last two years about the value of studying English literature and creative writing in an age of technology: 1) A fascinating macro view, from top economists: (Link to Washington Post)  2). An impassioned plea from a teacher in the trenches: (Link to Washington Post)
  • A revealing look at the role textbook content can have in shaping how students understand history: (Link to New York Times)  
  • Following up on resources from our last issue for talking with children about race and justice, a thoughtful conversation from WBUR’s “On Point” program: (Link to OnPoint)

Resources for Mindfulness

And relating to Nerissa Fry’s article in this issue on mindfulness in the Park community, here are a few apps offering guided meditations: 

10% Happier  (Free trial then paid subscription)

Headspace  (Free trial then paid subscription)

Insight Timer (Free)

Peace Out (Podcast geared towards kids)

Read a helpful article on parenting recently? Seen an intriguing documentary about an innovative school? Heard an insightful podcast about how children play and learn? Enjoying reading aloud a newly-discovered children’s book to your kid? Tell others about it here!

We’ll be accepting your recommendations on an ongoing basis. Please send us your suggestions, and we’ll compile them to include in future issues. Let us know the name of the item, and if applicable a link or other info to help others find and enjoy it. A descriptive sentence (even just a phrase!), along with a word or two about what you found especially compelling is welcome but not at all required.

Please send your items to Cornelius Howland, co-editor of The Park Parent, at:   Happy sharing!

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